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An article in the March 2009 SAVMI Newsletter
(Ski Area Vehicle Maintenance Institute) says it all:

Diversification Helps Make a Business Successful...
Especially in Today's Economy


Custom Snowcat Cabins

The most exciting part in all of this has been designing the new Snow cat Passenger Cabins. Vail's Game Creek Club was TTM's first customer. It was both an honor and a challenge. The end result is something we are very proud of!

Ice Road Construction

Another exciting project for us last year was working with the subcontractors who build the ice roads in the Canadian Muskeg for the Oil companies. As you might expect, they had some very specific needs and TTM assisted them by providing well maintained used snow cats.

Buying & Selling Used Snowcats

Additionally, in 2009, Karen received her auto dealers license. Colorado law states that a company canot sell any more than three vehicles without a license. Now, the Wischnacks can provide a way for ski areas to sell their used vehicles.

By diversifying into all these services, Two Track Mind has continued to grow and have utilized insurance and bonds to their fullest. It has been the key for the company's continued success.

Snowcat Parts Business now accepts most major credit cards

Now accepting most major credit cards to make parts purchases easier and quicker.